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Reinfuse Shampoo
Refortify Smoother
Refortify Shampoo
Refortify Mask
Reinvent Insulator
Revive Smoother
Refine Smoother
Replenish Smoother
Refortify Smoother
REBOND - Bond builder
Start from - $120
REINFORCE - Bond Enhancer
Start from - $63
REFRESH - Balancing shampoo
Start from - $55
RESEAL - Soft Keratin Serum
Start from - $57
REINVENT – Leave in conditioner
Start from - $48
Refine Shampoo
Reinfuse Shampoo
Revive Shampoo
Revive Mask
Refine Mask
Replenish Shampoo
Replenish Mask
Reinvent Insulator
Resmooth pro kit
REJUVENATE – Refining Mask
Start from - $86
REVITALISE - Revitalising Mask
Start from - $85
Fresh Milk Protein

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