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Titanium Flat Iron

All hair types

Nano-titanium technology embedded into the iron plate, producing negative ions for smooth and silky hair as well ensuring ongoing sanitisation of the iron.

Tourmaline technology possesses pyro-electric properties at high temperatures. Combining tourmaline powder and titanium as a coating over our innovative design iron plate, the iron serves to enhance the silkiness and smoothness of hair as well as promoting circulation of essential vitamins, a moisturizing and anti-bacterial effect and revitalizing hair cells.

Automatic adjustment suspension system to facilitate consistent pressure for straightening hair

Advanced surround heat to enhance curls and waves

Titanium heater for super-efficient heating

Exact temperature control with ICM (intelligent computerized micro) technology for rapid heating and stable temperature

Automatic sense control system for immediate heat recovery

Soft touch fingertip temperature control for easy use

Dual voltage use appliance providing automatic voltage adjustment for international use

Ergonomic, light-weight design- specially develop to ease the stress of you wrist and improve your work efficiency


Styling suggestions

For soft curly hair that is usually thick, unruly and prone to frizz: 

  • Begin by sectioning off clean, dry hair. Work the under layers first, starting at the nape and moving up to the front of the head. Always hold the ends of the hair sections when working the iron down the hair shaft, in order to maintain control and obtain a smooth result.
  • Select wide sections of hair and slide the iron from the roots to the tips, styling the hair horizontally from one side of the head to the other.
  • To finish the ends, rotate the iron downward or upward as desired, and use the heat on the outer sides of the plates to achieve style, direction and volume, as much as you would use a round brush and hair dryer.
  • To style fringe, direct the hair backward and then arch up and under for lift.

For volume and movement:

Step 1: always start at the nape of the neck working in sections from the back to the front of the head.
Step 2: give direction to the bottom hair sections by flipping the tips of the hair. To achieve this effect, slide the iron straight down and curl the hair up and out at the ends.
Step 3: add lift and volume around the crown and front of the head by sliding the hair between the iron plates while moving in an arch upwards, out, and then curving the ends under. Use the heat on the outer sides of the plates to achieve the desired curve.
Step 4: to smooth and collapse the fringe area, slide the hair through the plates at a low elevation without lift.

For curls and bounce:

Step 1: begin with a 2~3cm section of hair. Positioning the iron on an angle away from the head, begin at the top of the hair shaft and grab the hair near the roots between the plates.
Step 2: while holding the hair between the plates, rotating the iron 180º (the back side of the iron will be facing you). The hair is now wrapped in one full arch around the outside surface to create a soft curl.
Step 3: maintain the tension of the hair with the plates, and slide the plates 5~6cm down the length of the hair shaft. Repeat step 2 as often as required to achieve the desired effect, guiding the ends with other hand to keep the hair in line.

This state of the art titanium flat iron has an automatic temperature control system made possible by nano-silver technology. It maintains a constant temperature throughout the treatment process which assures the best results for the straightening process. It straightens at a temperature of 230°C (455°F). The long cord measures 106.3 inches (2.7 meters) allowing the flat iron to be used at full 360° angle.

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