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REBOND - Bond builder

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All hair types
550 ml – 18 fl oz
320 ml – 10 fl oz

No. 01 ReBond blend is to be poured to Nano Bowl with hair colour, lightener or other chemical.

No. 01 ReBond, based on pioneer patented M460P biomimetic technology, comprises highly substantive polymers performing Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure and enabling hair to recuperate itself.


1.    Preventing Di-Sulphide (Sulphur) bonds separation during chemical processes

2.    Cross Linking, creating, multiplying and stabilizing Di-Sulphide (Sulphur) bonds

3.    Strengthening hair structure

4.    Knitting hair fibre back to its hydrophobic state implementing Lotus Effect of minimizing water & dirt adhesion

5.    Protecting scalp skin

6.    As applied separately from colour, lightener or other chemical - Restructuring all hair  bonds as Di-Sulphide (Sulphur) & Van der Waals

nanoKplex comprises highly substantive polymers performing Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure to enable damaged hair recuperating itself from the inside and outside during and after In Salon chemical processes back to its natural state, based on pioneering patented M460P Biomimetic technology.

nanoKplex is a creator, multiplier, reinforcer & stabilizer of all hair bonds as Di-Sulphide (Sulphur) & Van der Waals.



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