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Fresh Milk Protein

All hair types

NanoKPlex, based on M460P biomimetic technology, is integrating fresh Milk which is referred as a beneficial whole protein provider for the hair.

Milk contains essential substances as whole whey protein and casein as well as amino acids including glutamine, vitamin A & B, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Researches indicate the followings:

  1. The amino acid Glutamine was shown to stimulate hair follicle growth cycle and is useful in growing hair, according to a report by the Society of Investigative Dermatology
  2. Peptides from milk protein hydrolysates were shown to be improving growth of human keratinocytes
  3. Polar lipids from bovine milk were shown to regulate the rodent dorsal hair cycle

a)     Nourishing and moisturizing hair - ideal as Dry and Rough Hair treatment

b)    Balancing scalp and hair reinforcing healthy hair

c)     Conditioning and softening hair providing smooth texture & shiny look

d)    Reducing friction between hair strands for freedom of movement

e)     Protecting and strengthening hair

f)     Preventing hair loss and encouraging hair growth

nanoKplex comprises highly substantive polymers performing Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure to enable damaged hair recuperating itself from the inside and outside during and after In Salon chemical processes back to its natural state, based on pioneering patented M460P Biomimetic technology.

nanoKplex is a creator, multiplier, reinforcer & stabilizer of all hair bonds as Di-Sulphide (Sulphur) & Van der Waals.



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