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All hair types
320 ml – 10 fl oz

softSmooth is a Home Natural Soft Smoother for all hair types and textures, based on innovative Biomimetic technology, for progressive hair smoothing with every use without heating.

Applying softSmooth constructs outer foundation and solid inner layer to seal nourishing nutrients inside hair enabling its self-recuperation.

Consecutive usage of softSmooth enhances fibre alignment and frizz control as well as curly & wavy hair relaxation regaining hair perfection - soft smooth, anti-frizz, healthy, elastic, shiny, silky and manageable.


1.    Rinse or shampoo hair

2.    Absorb water of hair using towel

3.    Pump ReSmooth and put on hand according to following table

·         Short Hair/Bob - 2 pumpings

·         Medium Hair - 3 pumpings

·         Long Hair - 4 pumpings

·         Very Long Hair - 5 pumpings

4.    Rub hands untill having transparent texture

5.    Apply on whole hair from roots to tips using hands

6.    Comb hair

7.    Design hair

8.    Leave it on until hair is 100% dry

9.    Design hair


·         Service can be conducted on a daily basis and several times a day following hair rinsing or shampooing

·         Service is recommended prior to exposure to sun as well as prior to sea or swimming pool bathing  

  1. Progressive hair smoothing with every use without heating
  2. Soft Smoothing & Frizz Control
  3. Enhancing fibre alignment
  4. Curly & Wavy hair relaxation
  5. Reducing friction between hair strands for freedom of movement   
  6. Forming outer layer to construct outer foundation and restructure hair fibre as well as protecting hair making it elastic
  7. Forming solid inner layer to seal nourishing nutrients inside hair
  8. Encouraging hair growth


SoftSmooth comprises highly substantive micro-polymers performing Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure for a progressive hair smoothing with every use, based on pioneering patented SM156A Biomimetic technology, featuring the followings:

Enhancing fibre alignment

Entering gaps between cuticles

Closing Cuticles

Emulating natural hair process by enabling   hair recuperating itself from the inside

Cross Linking, creating, multiplying and  stabilizing all hair bonds, Encouraging hair growth



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