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Revive Shampoo

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natural hair
320 ml – 10 fl oz
550 ml – 18 fl oz

Revive Shampoo for Natural Hair comprises highly substantive particles performing Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure and enabling hair to recuperate itself

  • Gentle and effective cleansing of hair and scalp
  • Balancing and refreshing hair and scalp keeping their natural pH
  • Detangling and reducing friction between hair strands for freedom of movement and imoproving combability

An advanced innovative series for a safe Bond Reformation Soft and Complete Smoothing comprising highly substantive particles performing Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure, based on the following pioneering patented Molecular Biomimetic technologies:

MNSP2646 - Hair Soft and Complete Smoothing

MLRP4882 - Intensification of Natural Shine and Colour Vibrancy

MFCP8464 - Taming and Controlling Frizzed Unruly Hair

MGRP6864 - Hair Growth Encouraging



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