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Reinfuse Shampoo

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Afro Caribbean hair
320 ml – 10 fl oz
550 ml – 18 fl oz

Reinfuse Shampoo for All Hair Types comprises highly substantive particles performing Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure as well as purifying and rebalancing hair and scalp prior to In Salon service

  • Hair and scalp detoxifying - cleansing away and removing excess follicle-clogging sebum, fatty acids, dead skin cells and
  • environmental dermal residues from hair and scalp
  • Severing all dermal residues from scalp skin
  • Balancing and refreshing hair and scalp keeping their natural pH


Refortify comprises highly substantive micro-polymers performing Enzyme alike affinity to hair structure to enable hair recuperating itself, based on pioneering patented AF7851R Biomimetic technology, featuring the followings:

  Enlarging inner diameter from the inside

  Enhancing inner nutrient fluency and absorption

  Reforming hair fibre texture to smoother

  Curly & Afro hair relaxation and Frizz Control



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